About us

Windows Veteran is a project the I, Adam J. Hudson, developed as a way to educate and troubleshooting both common and (my favorite) more complex Windows problems. As a software developer that worked both for Microsoft, and various other companies since the the early days of Windows back in 1986, I feel a strong passion for this operating system. You can read more about me on my author profile page here.

I strive to provide accurate and up to date advice to followers of my website. As a pet project of mine, and something I consider as a “legacy” I want to leave behind as proof of my expertise, I will never accept sponsored content or advertising requests. This website represents my integrity as a middle-aged software developer.

In this project, I will try to simplify complex topics for the common user, while providing guides where I delve deeper into topics for my peers. I prioritize professionalism, expertise, screenshot quality, accuracy and being up-to-date.

Feel free to contact me using this page. Always happy to discuss anything Windows related!